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Learn how direct mail can generate more qualified leads for your business

Quick and Efficient

Lightning fast turn-around speed with direct access to The Mail Maven. Leave the mail campaigns to us, and you can get back to work doing what you do best.

Competitive Pricing

Because The Mail Maven operates without large fixed overhead costs, our margins are lower and lower margins = more competitive pricing!

Start-to-Finish Tracking

We can track estimated delivery, actual delivery, and even delivery of specific individual mail pieces.


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Generate Results

The Mail Maven has been helping business owners with direct mail campaigns since 2007.  With over 12 years of experience, we know which campaigns have a direct impact on generating results.

 With Start-to-Finish Tracking, we can track estimated delivery, actual delivery, and even delivery of specific individual mail pieces to your target audience.

Targeted Mailing Lists

Saturated Mailings

 This type of list is the most effective and inexpensive way to reach a large area.

Targeted Mailings

Targeting mailing lists allow us to generate a mailing that is directed towards residential addresses with specific criteria selects.

EDDM Mailings

 This is the most inexpensive way to mail something, but is also the least personal.

Credit Data Mailings

This type of data is based on consumer’s buying and spending behaviors and can be used for many different types of mailing campaigns. 

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Client Feedback

"Karen Blonder has been my go-to person for marketing through mailings for almost 8 years. She has helped increase my business exponentially over this time. I consider her a huge asset to my business and will continue to market through her for the foreseeable future."

Andrew L. 

"I’ve been using the Mail Maven for over 7 years and it is by far the most successful marketing tool that I have ever used. It's targeted and turnkey approach are successful in virtually any type of market. I will continue to trust the Mail Maven to help drive my business for years to come!"

Paul H.

Meet Your Direct Mail Marketing Expert

Karen Blonder

Karen has been helping realtors with direct mail campaigns since 2007. 

Karen graduated from Salisbury University, Salisbury, Maryland in 1992 earning a marketing degree with honors from the Franklin Perdue School of Business. After working for the U.S. Census Bureau as a statistician for 2 years, Karen began working for a biometric identification software company. Karen also worked for an enterprise management software company in their marketing department and then stayed home for a few years to raise her family. She started her direct mail marketing business as Lead Service Systems, Inc in 2007 which has recently been rebranded as The Mail Maven.

When Karen is not working, you can find her golfing, skiing, running, and hiking in the great outdoors of Central Oregon with her family. Karen also volunteers on her golf course membership committee and has participated in Mt. Bachelor clean up days as well as Deschutes River Trail clean up.