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Many consumers set aside time each to day to review
their mail. 
Direct mail provides marketers with the
unique opportunity to get 
their messages noticed
and their offers considered.


Karen Blonder

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Responsive

  • Knowledgable

  • Creative

What Karen's Clients are Saying...

I’ve been using the Mail Maven for over 7 years and it is by far the most successful marketing tool that I have ever used. It's targeted and turnkey approach are successful in virtually any type of market. I will continue to trust the Mail Maven to help drive my business for years to come!

Paul H.

Karen Blonder has been my go-to person for marketing through mailings for almost 8 years. She has helped increase my business exponentially over this time. I consider her a huge asset to my business and will continue to market through her for the foreseeable future.

Andrew L.

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