Karen Blonder has been helping clients with direct mail campaigns since 2007.  While Karen has primarily worked with loan officers in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area as her main customer base, she moved to the West Coast in 2016 and now services loan officers nationwide.   Karen continues to help clients in the financial services and banking area and has also expanded her target market to small businesses of any variety.

Karen graduated from Salisbury University, Salisbury, Maryland in 1992 earning a marketing degree with honors from the Franklin Perdue School of Business. After working for the U.S. Census Bureau as a statistician for 2 years, Karen began working for a biometric identification software company.   Karen also worked for an enterprise management software company in their marketing department and then stayed home for a few years to raise her family.  She started her direct mail marketing business as Lead Service Systems, Inc in 2007.  She has recently renamed the company and is beginning to extend her reach for new clients as most of her clients have been referrals and word of mouth.

When Karen is not working, you can find her golfing, skiing, running, and hiking in the great outdoors near Colorado Springs, CO.

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