The Mail Maven will help you…


Curate the Right List

A targeted marketing list aligns your marketing efforts to a specific group of prospects. We can help you with selecting a particular geographic area as well as a number of specific consumer filters. Our data management system will also track your campaigns from start to finish.


Deliver the Right Piece

Effective marketing involves both engaging and informing your customer base. At The Mail Maven, we ensure each piece of direct mail is sent to the right set of prospects, along with making sure that each piece effectively communicates the key points of your strategy. We also offer email marketing data to couple with mail campaigns, or to use in standalone campaigns.


Grow Your Business

With over 12 years of experience in direct mail under our belts, we have fine-tuned our process. We leverage our know-how to help you reach your marketing goals and grow your business, improve your customer response rate, and get the right message in front of the right audience, ultimately growing your customer base!

Our Services

Mailing Lists

Whatever your mailing needs are, we have countless filter selects available to pinpoint your target market. All of your efforts must consistently reach your ideal client. In addition to consumer real property data, we have credit score data, as well as access to email marketing databases.

Printing and Mailing Services

Our print services capture your most important branding and messaging, conveying both to your customers. Whether in a standard mailer, snap pack, or postcard, we will empower your brand with high quality print material to generate leads and, in turn, elevate your business.

By utilizing The Mail Maven’s direct mail services for your outbound mail marketing, your well -crafted messages will reach a group of targeted customers to better accomplish your marketing goals.

Mortgage Originators

Creative campaigns targeted to consumers for loan origination campaigns has been our bread and butter for the past 12 years. The Mail Maven stays on trend with ever changing market conditions and has had consistent results over the years in helping loan officers to grow their business.

Political Campaigns

We are happy to help you spread the word about your particular platform and increase candidate awareness, whether running for a county seat position or as a candidate at a statewide or national level.

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