Direct Mail Mortgage Mailers Can Help Your Mortgage Business.

Reach more qualified customers with targeted direct mail mortgage mailers.  Let us help YOU reach your business goals in 2022!

Direct mail has been proven to be an effective marketing channel for mortgage companies for years. With interest rates at an all-time low, customers continue to take action. Research forecasters also predict 2022 to be another strong year for refinancing. At The Mail Maven, we help you reach more qualified borrowers in order to capitalize on mortgage buying trends with targeted mail campaigns, to keep pipelines growing AND full.  We have access to FHA, VA, Conventional, Cash-out refis, IRRRL, and USDA data, among many other data sets.

We leverage our experience gained from working with some of the top mortgage originators in the nation to help you ramp up an effective direct mail campaign program to accomplish your mortgage business goals.

Consumer Demographic
The first step to every successful direct mail campaign is identifying the ideal prospect for your offer. From behavioral, lifestyle, financial and homeowner data, we help you target your most qualified prospects.

Niche Loans
To filter eligibility for a specific loan type, targeted lists help filter qualified buyers. Filtering for niche loan types, such as Jumbo, adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), Veteran’s Affairs (VA) or Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans, or even USDA loans are all options.

Loan Amount
Filter qualified customers by specific data sets related to loan amount. Improve response rate by targeting the right consumer profile relating to your targeted loan amount. Reach qualified customers with stronger qualifying potential, above-average incomes, greater buying needs, and higher buying power.

Credit Profile
In addition to geography, we can apply filters such as loan amount, loan date, credit score, LTV, and debt to income ratio, just to name a few.

Freddie Mac’s market forecast, for 2020 and 2021, predicts mortgage rates will remain at about 3.8%. Additionally, with 2019 finishing as the best year for refinances since 2016, data indicates this trend to continue through 2020 ( Mortgage Bankers Association, 2020).

Ramp up your 2022 marketing strategy with proven outbound tactics and reach that next wave of qualified borrowers to fill your pipeline.


Benefits of working with The Mail Maven:

Start-To-Finish Tracking
Earn More
Grow Faster
Mortgage specific industry knowledge
Friendly Support

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