4 Must-Haves for a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

direct mail

Marketing is one of the most vital aspects of a successful company. A strong marketing campaign can generate leads, bring in revenue, increase brand awareness, and more. And while many companies are turning to digital marketing, they are missing out on one of the most effective methods of marketing today — direct mail.

Direct mail is a simple way to get your marketing message directly into the hands of your target audience. Research shows that more than 98% of individuals bring in their mail each day, 77% sort through it almost immediately, and the average person spends more than 30 minutes looking through it. So, how do you ensure that your mailer is successful and generates the leads you desire?

Here are several must-haves that you need for a successful direct mail campaign.

1. A Quality Direct Mail Service

Designing and printing your own mailer will not provide the same quality and professionalism that working with a quality direct mail service will offer. You want to create a direct mail campaign that looks great on paper, captures the eye of every reader, and is produced using only the highest quality of materials. When working with professionals, you can unleash your creativity and create a mailer that you are proud of, and you also have experts working with you to ensure even the smallest detail is perfect.

2. The Right Product

Is a postcard a better option for your direct mail campaign or a flyer or brochure? When it comes to your specific campaign, there are many options available to help you target and reach your audience. You want to choose the right product that allows you to explain and discuss your message in detail. For example, if your offer and message are short and sweet, a postcard may be ideal but if you want a more in-depth explanation, a flyer should be considered.

3. A Call-to-Action

It must be clear to your audience what you want him or her to do. Do you want them to reach out to learn more about your services? Do you want them to make a purchase? Do you want them to schedule a free consultation? Whatever the purpose is behind your direct mail campaign, make sure it is clearly explained on the mailer. Additionally, make sure it is concise and avoid unnecessary jargon. A few additional tips to keep in mind when writing your call-to-action include:

  • Use numbers when possible
  • Write with a sense of urgency
  • Use action words
  • Explain how your offer will benefit your readers

4. High Visibility

There are more than 187.8 million pieces of mail delivered by the United States Post Office every single day. So, what are you going to do to ensure yours sticks out in the pile? The most effective way is to add ample color, visuals, patterns, designs. Choose visible colors. For example, did you know that the most visible color options are black and yellow and green and white? They capture the attention of the eyes more than any other color combination.

Choosing the right fonts, the placement of visuals and text, and your color combinations are all going to make a difference. If you need design help, work with a professional direct mail service to help you create mailers that offer the design that you desperately desire.

One of the many benefits of choosing a direct mail campaign is its versatility and the ability to unleash your creativity. Begin today to connect with your audience, generate high-quality leads, and find success with your marketing efforts.


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