How to Make Sure Your Direct Mail Is Seen

With more than 187.8 million pieces of mail delivered every single day, it can seem overwhelming to create a mailer that is seen by your target audience. You don’t want your offer and message to be lost in the stack of mail that individuals receive every day. But, how do you ensure that your mailers are seen?

Here are just a few things to keep in mind when working on your direct mail campaign.

1. Keep It Visually Appealing

Nobody likes to read long blocks of text. You want to create a piece of mail that immediately captures the attention and draws the eyes of your audience. One of the fastest ways to do this is to include images and graphics on each mailer.

This is because your brain processes these images faster than text and retains the information better — your messages will be more powerful and captivating. However, don’t go overboard with colors, images, and graphics. This will create a mailer that is busy and overwhelming — providing the opposite effect that you desire.

2.  Keep Text Short and Concise

One of the advantages of using a direct mail campaign is there is much versatility in the type of mailer you choose. Whether you choose flyers, postcards, brochures, and more, you don’t want to fill these mailers with long sentences and blocks of text. Rather, keep your content very short and concise.

To do this, think carefully about the message you want to convey. What is the purpose of your mailer and what do you hope to achieve from sending it? Keep these things in mind as you create and design your mailer. Also, make sure to include a strong call-to-action that lists exactly what you want your readers to do. Make this very clear and don’t leave your audience guessing.

3. Write a Catchy Headline

Just like a newspaper or online article, the headline is one of the most important aspects of the content. If this is boring, dull, basic, etc., it will not capture the attention of the reader and make them want to read more. It can make or break the entire purpose of your campaign. As you write your headline, evoke some type of emotion such as surprise, curiosity, happiness, anger, etc. These are things that will pull your readers in and keep them wanting more. Also, avoid a long headline and use as few words as possible.

4. Think About the Size

Size plays a significant role in your direct mail campaign. You want your piece of mail to stand out and to do that, you want it to be unique and different than the other standard pieces of mail that come into an individual’s home each day. For example, if you are considering postcards, choose cards larger than the standard size such as jumbo or oversized 6 x 9 postcards. The more variation you can provide for your mailers, the faster it will capture the attention of your audience.

However, when sending mailers of different sizes or paper thickness, check with the United States Postal Service to ensure you aren’t paying more per postage for larger pieces of mail. Do your research before designing your postcard and ensure that you are making the wisest and most cost-efficient decision.

As you develop your direct mail campaign, you must think about the small details. These are the things that will get your mailer noticed and help you establish a successful marketing campaign. If you are ready to connect with your audience, generate sales, and create a mailer that is eye-catching and compelling, give us a call and let’s get to work.

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